The production of wire rod constitutes about two thirds of the total rolling mill production volume and is therefore a "weighty" factor. Plain wire rod is processed by our clients to various reinforcement products like for example wire mesh, lattice girders, reinforcing wire or spacers. Ribbed wire rod is exclusively processed internally to reinforcing wire rod in coils or welded to wire mesh at the group's wire processing plants. The high in-house production depth of the group's processing plants makes it possible to react very flexibly to the requirements of the construction industry.

Wire rod

Wire grades

    • BSM-grade for production of reinforcing wire mesh
  • S235JRG2 as per EN 10025 (comparable to RSt 37-2)
  • FeE 235 as per NF A35-015
  • GRADE 250 as per BS 4449:1997

(CARES Certificate of Approval No. 880603)

Wire rod in coils

Wire diameter: 5,5 to 17,5 mm
Coil weight: 1,8 t
Outside diameter: approx. 135 cm
Inside diameter: approx. 85 cm
Width: approx. 100 to 125 cm (acc. to Ø)

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