BSW reinforcing steel is characterized by its high quality and excellent processing properties. Bars with a diameter of 10 to 40 mm are produced by means of the well-proven TEMPCORE technique: Due to the heat treatment from the rolling heat the steel gets its excellent properties. Reinforcing steel in coils is produced by cold straining of the warm rolled ribbed starting material and subsequent coiling. In the last few years, this procedure has become a standard in steel bar production. BSW operates stretching units since 1985 and thus has a vast experience in this field. This is much appreciated by customers from all over Europe. Steel bars with diameters of six and eight millimeters are produced by stretching and subsequent straightening.

As a reinforcing steel producer BSW is subject to an independent construction supervision. Successfully conducted inspections are confirmed by the issuance of a certificate – in Germany for example by the certificate of compliance. BSW currently holds certificates for 15 different European countries.

Steel bars

Steel bars

Diameter: 6 to 40 mm
Bar length: 6 to 20 m (standard)
Bundle weight: 2.500 kg (standard)

Reinforcing steel in coils


6 to 20 mm

Coil weight:

2.500 kg, 3.000 kg and 5.000 kg or according to customer requirements


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