06 Results

The results speak for themselves. A continuously decreasing number of accidents in the course of the last few years shows the increasing sustainability of our efforts in the field of occupational safety.

Our aim is always: zero accidents.

This objective has not yet been achieved. One important indicator for us is to gradually extend the period between accidents with injury to persons in order to come closer to our objective "zero accidents" over an increasingly longer period of time. 

At the same time, the number of accident-related lost days is an indicator for the severity of accidents – and we can also observe a decreasing trend of the number of accident-related lost days over the last few years. This means for us:

  • The technical, organizational and personal protective measures provide an increasingly better protection against severe injuries.
  • The numerous employees with first-aider training react in a fast, circumspect and skillful way and thus help to minimize consequences of accidents.


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