04 Preventive measures

As described in the "Iceberg Model" there are many things that happen in a company without being noticed. Like in the case of an iceberg they remain under the surface, which means that the incidents are recorded and treated locally. The sum of these incidents (near accidents, unsafe actions and/or ambient conditions) present, however, the best source for optimization measures – before something happens.

This is the reason why Badische Stahlwerke started in 2004 not only to report and investigate accidents with injury to persons centrally, but to submit incidents of any kind to an obligation to report. The central department "Works safety" can thus evaluate the potential of a near accident and whether an accumulation of local incidents suggests a system error.

In 2008 we have implemented – in cooperation with the company "t&t Organisations­entwicklung" - the "EVA process" which aims at a change of attitude and behavior in works safety. This process replaces the original audits and allows to identify and implement optimization measures by involving all operative and administrative executives and discussions with the employees.


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