02 Milestones

2011 First certification according to DIN EN 16001
2010 Additional certificate as per EEG § 40, certification according to DIN EN ISO 14 021
2008 International CO2-benchmark confirmed by TÜV expertise
2007 Start of modification of the existing noise protection wall to a noise protection park; continuous ISO re-certification and EMAS revalidation
2006 Further noise reduction in the steel plant
2005 Optimization of noise level control; optimization of water supply system; participation in CO2-trade
2003 Revamping of direct and bay evacuation system; approval of further capacity increase
2000 Certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001 (as first steel plant)
1997 Eco-Audit as per EU regulation (EMAS I); implementation of environmental management system, first edition of environmental declaration
1998 First steel plant worldwide with a dioxin and furane limit value of 0,1 ng TE/Ncbm
1990 Change from open water circuit to closed/partially closed water circuit in five steps
1986 First dioxin measurements
1980 Installation of noise protection wall in Auenheim
1976 Dedusting system

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